Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do parts have to be completely clean before immersion?

A) No. EVAPO-RUSTTM has detergents which penetrate oils and dirt. However, surface contaminants do slow the process. The soils must be penetrated before EVAPO-RUSTTM can come in contact with the rust underneath. Soil residue will also shorten the life of EVAPO-RUSTTM. Heavy greases and cosmoline should be removed prior to de-rusting.

Q) Will EVAPO-RUST™ remove bluing and other oxide finishes?

A) Yes. EVAPO-RUSTTM will remove these in about 30 minutes. Anodizing will not be removed. Powder coating and paint will not be removed as long as the paints do not contain oxides

Q) Can I clean brass, copper and aluminum with EVAPO-RUST™?

A) No, it will not clean or damage any of these metals. It will not harm rubber, plastic, clothing or glass either.

Q) I get a black film on some parts after using EVAPO-RUST™. What is it and how do I remove it?

A) The black is carbon from the steel. Generally high carbon steel is used in making items that are flexible (e.g. springs, saw blades) High carbon steel and tool alloy steel items when de-rusted will have a darker appearance. Much of the carbon can be removed simply by wiping with a cloth.

Q) Can I spray EVAPO-RUST™ on the rusted area?

A) No, EVAPO-RUSTTM only works in the liquid form. When sprayed on a surface, the water in the solution will evaporate before de-rusting can be completed.

Q) How can I use it on a surface too large to soak?

A) A smooth paper towel can be soaked with Evapo-Rust and applied to the rusted area. After this is done, cover with plastic to prevent evaporation. When item is de-rusted rinse with water.

Q) How long does EVAPO-RUST™ last?

A) One gallon of EVAPO- RUSTTM will remove the rust from 300 pounds of moderately rusted steel. If any of the bath evaporates, simply replace it with fresh tap water.

Q) How do I know when the bath is spent?

A) The bath will turn completely black and will not perform. Also the specific gravity will change from 1.042 to 1.085.

Q) How do I dispose of the spent solution?

A) When EVAPO-RUSTTM is spent, only the iron content of the solution will dictate how it can be disposed of. In most cases it can be dumped into the city sewer.

Q) What size containers is EVAPO-RUST™ packaged in?

A) It comes in quarts, single gallons, 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, and 275 gallon totes.