Acids vs. Evapo-Rust
This badly rusted bicycle wheel (picture A & B) is made of steel and chrome plated. For comparison one half of the wheel was de-rusted using muriatic (hydrochloric) acid (picture C) and one half was de-rusted using Evapo-Rust (picture D). Notice in picture C the damage to the chrome caused by the acid. In picture D the Evapo-Rust has removed the rust and left the chrome un-harmed.
bikewheel1   BEFORE
bikewheel2   BEFORE
bikewheel3   Bicycle Wheel After Muriatic Acid (C)
Notice damage caused by acid removers.
bikewheel4   Bicycle Wheel After Evapo-Rust (D)
Evapo-Rust is safe on surfaces and humans