Auto Magazine Reviews
“We tried Evapo-Rust on a variety of corroded parts and were very pleased with the results. It’s quick, simple, and, unlike some other products, is non-toxic”…”Busting rust was never easier.”
September 2002 Issue
The other day I met a rust remover I really liked.”… I decided to test the stuff on a surplus exhaust header pipe that had weathered and rusted for years in my shop while waiting for the right car to come along. I was amazed. After about an hour in the solution the header pipe looked new. I don’t know of anything else that will do the job any better, and most of the rust removers I’m aware of are toxic and nasty.”
Jim Richardson
“What a product! We saw your EVAPO-RUST™ remover at the SEMA show in Las Vegas last month, bought a gallon and gave it a try when we got home. We were amazed at how well it worked! It was a miracle how we just submerged the rusted spindles into your solution and after just a short time they looked like new! We would like to order more so we can clean rust from larger auto parts…”
Garrett Cosgrove
Speedway Specialty Product
“EVAPO-RUST™ is a union of chemistry and utility to alleviate one of the nagging problems of restoring degraded iron or steel parts to a usable condition. A fast, safe, environmentally friendly solution to an age-old problem of removing rust from ferrous materials without time consuming, tedious brushing, scraping, blasting or dangerous acidic solutions. It’s about time!”
Joe Shalkowski
Current N.H.R.A. Record Holder
“Having been inn the racing business for over 15 years, I have seen just about every type of new “MIRACLE” product that has come out. But I was really proved wrong with EVAPO-RUST™. …Now because of EVAPO-RUST™, we are able to reuse parts on our racecars that at one time were junk. EVAPO-RUST™ is not corrosive to the metals, and best of all it does not harm rubber or plastic, which is important with many of the brake parts we need to reuse.
Mike Thomas
2001 Grand Am Cup Compact Crew Chief of the Year