1949 Case SC Tractor
The grille was used on my 1949 Case SC tractor. I used Evapo-Rust on a 1) tractor grille, 2) a radiator shroud, 3) hand crank, 4) water pump, 5) 1 bbl carburetor, 6) generator bracket and bolts, 7) telephone magneto (burned), 8) fire plug wrench (burned), 9) two fender brackets and U-bolts (After this, the solution was exhausted.)
I bought a 5-gallon carbuoy of Evapo-Rust when it was first introduced to the market 1-1/2 years ago. I believe the cost was around $86.00 plus shipping.

The product works well, but it’s not super quick. The part has to be free of grease or oil, but it does the job. I was able to free up the pipe handle on the hand crank of my SC after a 24 hour soak. I was able to crack it loose with a pipe wrench after soaking it for half a day, and it spun freely by hand after the second soaking.

One gallon of the product was supposed to treat 300lbs of rusty metal, but I don’t think I got quite that much out of it. Of course, I was doing mostly sheet metal- and you can pack a lot of rust into all that surface area.

Every time I’ve contacted Evapo-Rust with a question or problem, I’ve had the inventor of the product personally return my phone call. When I questioned the longevity of the product, he told me that they had improved the formula since it’s original introduction, and he told me to call him again when I wanted to order some more.

I’ve learned that the product doesn’t work as well on rusted items that have burned in a fire, and certain types of rust like magnetite are harder to remove. However- using this product is a 1000 times better than trying to wire wheel or sandblast the rust away. I can’t imagine how much work and time it saved me on that grille.

I would recommend the product, and would use it again. I like the fact that it is non-toxic and can be poured down the drain or in the ground when you are through with it. It also has no fumes or chemical smell.

Mike Schotte