Dickies Apparel Plant
In April 2003, Williamson-Dickie, a major clothing manufacturer of apparel and safety uniforms, sustained substantial damage to its 333,000-square-foot warehouse in Fort Worth, Texas, after a storm packing high-speed winds lifted sections of its metal roof, allowing for rain to damage critical equipment.

Because of this, conveyor belts carrying containers of Dickie’s brand clothing, were in danger of being ruined. Tools in the maintenance and metal bins, used for storing product and supplies, were also at risk inside the warehouse, which spans nearly the space of six football fields.

Because the water was leaking from the roof throughout the plant, roller-conveyor systems, tools, and metal bins used for storing product and supplies were hit by flash rusting. Depending on the age and composition of the metal, more serious rust can occur within two weeks, Chisenhall says.

InStar conducted the plant restoration in a critical path manner directed by Williamson- Dickie plant management. Coordination of all phases of the restoration project was critical to the successful, timely, and cost-effective completion of the work. InStar completed decontamination by using the following techniques:

  • Locking out and tagging the section of conveyors to be cleaned by plant personnel;
  • Removing all rollers from the conveyor system;
  • Removing flash rusting with EVAPO-RUST and a scotch bright followed by applying CP90, a rust inhibitor, with a clean terry towel to prevent further damage;
  • Performing decontamination of the conveyor system using HEPA-vacuum, followed with EVAPO-RUST to remove any flash rusting and applying CP90 as a rust inhibitor;
  • Reassembling the roller system; and
  • Facilitating start-up maintenance and re-energizing by plant personnel.