Industrial Testimonials
Prior to using EVAPO-RUST, we had to scrap out rusted refrigeration compressor valve plates and cams. These parts have a micro-finish on them, making it impossible to clean them without loosing the finish. EVAPO-RUST removes the rust without degrading the finish. We are also using EVAPO-RUST on compressor suction tanks instead of costly sand blasting and wire brushing.On another product line, EVAPO-RUST is an economical alternative to shot blasting the inside of the shells. It also acts as a rust preventative through the duration of manufacturing.
Larry Kruse
Industrial / Process Enginee
Blissfield Manufacturing Co.
I was very impressed with the sample and ordered 5 gallons. It is the best rust remover I have ever tried. I use it daily in my shop to clean up parts after the wire EDM process. I also use it in my hobby of restoring antique motercycles. I especially like the way it removes the rust from chromed parts without discoloring them.
Russ Hess
Hess Die Mold, Inc.
This is a test of a commercial deruster called Evapo-rust: Moderately rusty cold rolled steel bar. No oily spots. Even layer of rust, slight pitting. I applied the solution with a piece of 0000 steel wool, with a very light scouring action, just the weight of my hand, mostly to keep the solution on top of the round bar. The process went like this: Applied the solution for about 30 sec, Let it sit for a couple of minutes, Applied fresh solution for another 30 sec, Wiped it off with a damp rag, Wiped with a patch wetted with Evapo-rust to retard rusting. The rust is completely gone in all but the deepest pits. No elbow grease – No rerusting – No grit left behind. I am in no way associated with the company, just very impressed.
Paul K. Dickman