Military Testimonials
“Let me stress that this is not an endorsement by the Air Force. The Air Force does not endorse specific products. This is simply to say that so far in our testing, EVAPO-RUST™ has proven to be a solid product and will most likely be one of the products indicated in our final report as one that should be used to refurbish APW parts. …We are currently evaluating several chemicals to remove corrosion from APW parts. Several have shown the ability to remove corrosion as advertised, but so far, only EVAPO-RUST™ has shown the ability to remove corrosion without any concerns over personal protection during use.”
Rick Miles
Air Force Corrosion Prevention and Control Office
“I would just like to take a few minutes to tell you how well your product works. Before using EVAPO-RUST™, we spent 6 to 8 hours, per tool kit, cleaning and wiping down tools (for the B-1B). This was done with wire brushes, rags, and solvents, and not exactly the best job. Since we’ve been using EVAPO-RUST™, our time is cut to about 1 to 2 hours. Most of this time is used for soaking, about an hour, during which we accomplish other tasks. We use 30 to 45 minutes actually wiping down tools, depending on size of kits. The amount of time saved is unbelievable. I also don’t have anyone that minds cleaning a box. Thanks for a great product!”
Robert D. Widger, SSgt, USAF
Assistant NCOIC Sortie Support
Dyess, AFB