Speed Source Race Engineering Evaluation
We put the Evapo-RustTM claims of rust removal to the test.

The first test we had for the Evapo-Rust solution was an Acura Integra rotor. This rotor was our spare rotor that we had been taking to the pits every race as a spare in case something happened during our three hour Grand Am Cup races. Having sat out for multiple races in the rain, it had developed a lot of rust. We poured a small bucket of solution for the rotor and placed it in the solution. Returning after several hours, we noticed that all the rust was completely gone.

I was very happy and ready to throw the used Evapo-Rust away and pour some more in to do another rotor, when thankfully Trevor Whipple, who is responsible for the preparation of our HRPWorld.com Acuras this year, read the Evapo-Rust jug and told me that one gallon could de-rust 300 lbs of moderately rusted steel. We did the rest of our rotors (ten in all) in that same solution, and it got the rust off of all of them.

The next part of our test was one I wasn’t too confident in doing. Evapo-Rust representative Shawn McGlothlin claimed that this stuff was non-toxic. He even put his finger in the solution and tasted it to prove that it was safe to use on rubber and plastics. I still had a hard time believing it. Shawn said that this stuff worked great in radiators and got all the rust out without harming the seals and hoses.

Trevor and I were still a little apprehensive but went ahead and decided to give it a try in the radiator of our street Acura Integra, not wanting to test it on our racing Integras first. We dumped the water out of the radiator, filled the cooling system with Evapo-Rust, and hoped for the best. We started the motor up to cycle the Evapo-Rust through the entire system and let it sit overnight to get all the rust out. The next morning we dumped the Evapo-Rust into a container and sure enough, the solution was very brown, evident that there was a lot of rust removed from the core of the radiator as well as from some of the block as well. We have run the car 1,000 miles since then, proving to us it didn’t hurt the car at all.

Trevor and I sat down and had a little brain storming session about the other uses Evapo-Rust had in store for us. Shawn had recommended the radiator. He had also told us of how much gun owners and military enjoyed this product because it de-rusted the metal on the gun, without harming any of the delicate rubber parts. Our sport of auto racing doesn’t call for much gun use, but we did come up with some ideas beyond the radiator that we have successfully used: Brake Calipers — We were able to just put the caliper in the solution and watch the rust come off without any worry about damaging any seals and gaskets. After we took it out of the solution we made sure the lines were well washed out. Then we did a good bleed job after re-installation to ensure that the Evapo-Rust was out of the system. Pliers, tools, etc — most de-rusting solutions are too caustic to use with tools with any rubber on them. We were able to drop in some old pliers that had frozen shut. The rubber on the handles came out unhurt, but the rust was completely gone.

After using the solution for awhile, we aren’t quite sure how it does its magic. How it takes rust off without being acidic or caustic is mystifying. I never got brave enough to take a taste of it like Shawn did, but I can attest that we are now using it on any rusty parts we have, without any fear of damaging the parts.