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Posted (12/04/2001) – EVAPO RUST

WINNER: R&D 100 Award, July 2001

WINNER: Cleaning Technology – Outstanding Technology in Industrial Cleaning, May 2001

Safe Solutions- EVAPO-RUSTTM is an amazing rust ELIMINATOR. A product of extensive research, EVAPO-RUSTTM has been proven effective to remove even deep rust on all types of mild steel and iron. It will not remove original paint that is still bonded to the surface being de-rusted. It is safe on all surfaces and will not harm copper, brass, aluminum, plastic, rubber or vinyl.

It works through selective chelation. This is a process in which a large synthetic molecule forms a bond with metals and holds them in solution. Most chelating agents bind many different metals. The active ingredient in EVAPO-RUSTTM bonds to iron exclusively. It can remove iron from iron oxide, but is too weak to remove iron from steel because the iron is held much more strongly.

EVAPO-RUSTTM can be used over and over until performance drops off. One gallon de-rusts up to 300# of heavily rusted steel. When ready to dispose of spent EVAPO-RUSTTM, only the iron content of the solution will dictate the disposal method. In most cases, it can be safely put down the drain.

“Having been in the racing business for over 15 years, I have seen just about every type of new “MIRACLE” product that has come out. But I was really proved wrong with EVAPO-RUSTTM. All you have to do is follow the directions by completely soaking the part in EVAPO-RUSTTM solution. Now because of EVAPO-RUSTTM, we are able to reuse parts on our race cars that at one time were junk. EVAPO-RUSTTM is not corrosive to the metals, and best of all it does not harm rubber or plastic, which is important with many of the brake parts we need to reuse.”

– States Mike Thomas of Planet Earth Motorsports

** 2001 Grand Am Cup Compact Crew Chief of the Year

DIRECTIONS Pre-clean item to remove oil and dirt. Rinse item and immerse fully in Safe Solutions√£ EVAPO-RUSTTM for 20 minutes. Check progress periodically. Once rust is removed, rinse item with water. To prevent re-rusting simply dip the item back in Safe Solutions EVAPO-RUSTTM solution and allow to dry. Deeply rusted parts (5mm or deeper) may require overnight soaking.

Safe Solutions EVAPO-RUSTTM will remove bluing. To de-rust gun bores, remove the barrel and plug on end with a rubber stopper. Fill the barrel with Safe Solutions EVAPO-RUSTTM and wipe away any excess from outside surfaces. Allow the barrel to sit for 30 minutes then empty and rinse with water. Oil barrel to prevent re-rusting.

EVAPO-RUSTTM is available through Orison Marketing, L.L.C. at 1-800-460-2403 or go to for more information on EVAPO-RUSTTM or additional safe environmental cleaning products.